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 Mitch Poole,
Home Clubhouse Manager,

Los Angeles Dodgers

As an equipment manager in the Major Leagues, with the Los Angeles dodgers, my staff and I must make sure that there is no margin of error. As they say, “the show must go on.” Everyone always asks me, “How do you get your uniforms so white?” I have to tell them the it's Sweat X. Instead of us having to use multiple products, we just use one. At the end of the night when you are washing uniforms you don't want to have to keep running your laundry thru cycle after cycle to try to get stains out. The other benefit is the fact that the product is more eco-friendly with the environment. A huge plus when you have contact with any detergents. 

Anthony “Tone” Nila,
Equipment Manager,

Houston Rockets

After years and years of washing professional basketball players uniforms I have finally found a product that eliminates the toughest stains in our game uniforms. The detergent brings out a bright shine in our home white uniforms unlike any other detergent I have used in the past. It is hard to find a detergent and stain remover that can handle our problems. We wash our towels in house and I have found Sweat X detergent to bring out the best quality after washing. I recommend Sweat X to anyone looking for a quality detergent!!!!

Cathy and her team, Renegade Brands, are the partners that equipment rooms dream of: dedicated, hard-working, and personable. Within the first couple weeks of teaming with them, they salvaged over 30 pairs of white football game pants that had been hit with grass dye and had been boxed up for 8 months!  They reenergized our laundry room, wiped out our odor, and gave us a new standard to uphold.  However, as much as I enjoyed using their product, their customer service is their crowning jewel and sets them apart!

Blake Reid,
Associate Athletic Director –
Strategic Operations,

University of Cincinnati


 Michael Templin,
Equipment Coordinator,

Cleveland Cavaliers

I must say using this product has definitely made my life easier at work. We were using 6 different agents when washing our clothes and towels on a regular basis. Now with Sweat X, we are simply using one container/drum of detergent to take care of all the same cleaning we were doing with the 6 agents. This made it easier on our budget and cleanliness of our laundry room.

 Willie Jenks,
Visiting Clubhouse Manager,

Cleveland Indians

In my line of work I have zero time for people and products that do not deliver on their promises. Cathy Horton and her Sweat X products both go above and beyond in terms of service and product superiority making them an outlier in the industry. Not only are the Sweat X products effective, they are more environmentally friendly, which in itself is an anomaly in the world of commercial laundry detergents and stain removers.

We have been using Sweat X for over a year. We went from four dispensers down to the one Sweat X. Clothes come out smelling better than the other four combined. Works directly on grass and turf stains as well. It really is a wonderful product! The Sweat X alone, will take care of all your laundry/stain relieving needs!!

Lou Cucuzza Jr.,
Clubhouse Manager,

New York Yankees

This sh#t works!

 Todd Hewitt,
Director of Equipment Operations

University of Southern California

Sweat X is the first and only product that has been able to remove all the field paint and fertilizer dyes that are used at the LA Coliseum and other fields where we play. Since using Sweat X on our uniforms this season, we have not lost a single pair of pants or any jerseys due to field stains. I would highly recommend Sweat X products. And the Sweat X team's customer service is also truly exceptional.

Trent Chestnut,
Football Equipment Manager,
University of Illinois